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Most of What you are told is not the WHOLE TRUTH!

The no-contract security companies are not telling the truth.  They lock your panel with codes and they say you can leave anytime but if you have a SimpliSafe system, noone else will monitor it so it becomes useless if you don't like SimpliSafe.

We have found a number of other competitors do really have great equipment.  In fact, it is the same as some of our equipment but there is usually a twist.  Here are a number of things you might find:

  • Private branded panels are older hardware or firmware or software
  • They offer limited parts and devices
  • They nickel and dime you for everything you want to add to the system
  • They may charge ridiculous amounts of money for video surveillance
  • They do not include or even offer identity theft with their monitoring
  • Often times they choose equipment that is not interoperable with other manufacturers
  • You may not have a long-term contract but without the installer codes you cannot leave the other company

We have been successfully taking care of customers for over 15 years because take care of customers.  Call Americas Defense Store today 800-604-1102.