Why Doesn't Simplisafe, Frontpoint and Livewatch offer Encrypted Security Sensors?
Wow, every day I learn something new. Some days the lessons are insignificant and other days they are powerful. It is much better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than our own so we don’t have to deal with the pain associated with those mistakes. Here is a simple mistake that has dire consequences, missing red antifreeze with green antifreeze in your car. I cannot tell you how many people have made this mistake and it has had really, really bad consequences. What happens is the two colors don’t mix but coagulate; kind of like blood clotting and they will gum up the lines in your radiator in your car and the result can be a ruined engine or a really, really expensive mechanic’s bill. Here is another mistake that has more dire consequences and why we are writing this longer article. About 10 years ago, one of our customers, a young mother, came home from work for lunch and, unknown to her, there were two thieves in her house. She had not set her alarm system and we found out later that she and her husband only set it at night. Apparently the young mother of 2 was met by these 2 thieves in her kitchen and she was murdered in front of her sink. The simple mistake was forgetting to arm her system. Security Systems are of great importance to our family of customers and may literally save your life. I’m quite sure that we have some customers who have much, much greater security concerns than others because they are so concerned with the details regarding their security system, and encryption and transmission of signals. Those who have experienced violent crime or who have family members who have fallen victim to violent crime are much more aware of the need to have a more secure system. This is why we posed the question of the article. Why don’t the bigger names in the industry seem to offer encrypted security sensors? We can only guess because it costs more to keep them in stock and they also are slow to adopt new technology and security panels that are equipped with the “S” features available on more advanced security Panels. One reason America’s Defense Store has chosen NOT to private brand panels is because we want to continually get the latest and greatest in the industry. We don’t stock and store older equipment for a number of reasons. The equipment gets outdated, software updates are missed when it is sitting on the shelf and batteries inside of electronics do have a shelf life. We have had one of the major security companies listed above calling us looking for batteries because they are having so many fail and they have the same equipment we have on some of their packages. The reason is probably because they are exceeding shelf life and then putting them into the field as NEW equipment. The business models are very different. They are looking out for the bottom line and we are looking out for the safety of the customers.
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