Why Interlogix and why the Ultraxync HUB???

The Interlogix Ultrasync HUB (formerly the Zerowire DIY system) is the result of a multi-billion dollar company listening to their customers. was offering DIY systems years ago, but there was always that ease of installation and programming that was missing; until now.  Today, we have security companies prarading around like they are security companies, like Simplisafe, that should be sued for turning out systems that are on standards defined about 20 years ago, do not have tampers, do not have ETL or UL certificaitons that we can find and do NOT meet the basic standards that we believe would show they really care about people's safety.  Their wireless keypads do not even send the pin codes in an encrypted format.  There are some manufacturer's who have embraced the DIY'ers in the new generation who want to take control of their own security but no other company has taken this as seriously as Interlogix with the introduction of hte Ultrasync HUB.


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Interlogix UltraSync Activation

One time programming and activation charge of $19.99

Interlogix UltraSync Hub DIY monthly monitoring

Professional monitoring at only $23.99 includes remote control of all UltraSync features, and EMS Services (emergency medical services). Setup support only for 30 days.

One time Ultrasync Panel Firmware Upgrade

One time charge for remote firmware upgrade for NON-MONITORED CUSTOMERS.

SAS Prime Interlogix UltraSync Hub DIY monthly monitoring for ZW-6400

Professional monitoring at only $29.99 includes remote control of all UltraSync features, and EMS Services (emergency medical services). Setup support only for 30 days.

SAS-Prime Membership and/or Monitoring

SAS-Prime membership offers the same 24/7 security monitoring for police, fire and medical as well as free shipping on all non-freight items from our store. Includes Live, American-based Technical Support.

Interlogix Learn Mode Shock Sensor 60-886-95

Designed for use with all Interlogix® control panels, the Learn Mode Shock Sensor is an excellent first line of defense by detecting the possibility of an intrusion due to forced entry. Featuring a unique, advanced microcontroller, the wireless sensor detects vibrations made by an intruder when trying to break or open a window or door before they enter the premises. The sensor also contains two internal reed switches allowing it to be used like a standard door/window contact.
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GE SECURITY CADDX 60-362N-10-319.5 White Door/Window Sensor

With a 10+ year maximum life battery and advanced circuit design, the wireless door/window sensor from Interlogix provides effective security that's easy to set up. Two-axis sensing and wireless technology make installation simple, even in tight spaces. The door/window sensor also features an optimized internal antenna design to increase range,performance. Designed to monitor doors, windows, cabinets or virtually anything that opens, these sensors are compatible with new and existing Interlogix systems.

Interlogix TX-E201 Door/Window Sensor in White or Brown

Door/Window Sensor, 319.5MHz. The TX-E201 Door/Window Sensor from Interlogix is a compact, low profile contact that provides intrusion detection for application in homes and small businesses. This sensor comes with both white and brown covers and can easily be installed on doors, windows, cabinets or other items that can be opened and closed. The TX-E201 Door/Window Sensor also contains a replaceable lithium battery that lasts up to five years under normal usage.
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