Nationwide Security, Surveillance & Access Control

Security Solutions


  • Enterprise software with administrative access to add, change and delete employee access across the entire network
  • Secure app for Iphone and IOS as well as android and PC management
  • Enterprise Quality Video Surveillance with analytics and cloud storage
  • Access control integrated with traditional mag locks and door strikes, including z-wave devices
  • Automation of lights, HVAC and small appliances
  • Geo Fencing for automatic scenes and features
  • Bluetooth integration 
  • Complete day, time and date history of events and video logs
  • Weather alerts to the panel and phone app for administrators and employees
  • Battery backup for 24 hour power outages
  • Power Outage Notifications 
  • Police, Fire and Medical support for emergencies
  • Dual Path communications, including cellular, for minimized service interruptions
  • Anti theft and tampering notifications
  • Much more...

Are you hoping to migrate your business or corporate sites to an IOT security device?  Are you hoping to have a single platform for Security, Surveillance and access control and to manage all physical sites with a single login on a single platform?  We can help!

ADS, in conjunction with Single Source Management (, is the premier commercial security and project management company in the US.  With over 3,000 customer locations nationwide, we are quickly becoming a single source for the installation, project management and certification of services into small and medium commercial buildings.  With over 5 MILLION downloads of our premier security app, ADS easily stands behind every single security application we offer.

We offer bundled security services and project management services in all 50 states, Canada and the outlying territories that include Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  

We specialize in multi-site installations that cover geographic diversity and our security system is an IOT device that we can pre-configure and ship ready for activation dependent on or independent of your network.


Call us today at 800-604-1102 for a free phone consultation regarding your needs and what security solutions we offer.